TLV Craft BeerFest: Beer List

This is a full list of all the beers that will be poured at the festival.
Any beer that is clickable is available to purchase on our website.
Pay attention that not all of the beers will be poured in both days, (though most of them will).
We strongly recommend to prioritize according to your personal flavor and start with the beers that you really dont want to miss

Thornbridge Pardus Sticky Toffee Pudding Imperial Stout, 8%
Thornbridge Hadern, Dunkel Lager, 5.2%
Thornbridge Quiet Storm Harlequin, APA, 5.5%
Thornbridge Cortado, Coffee Pale, 4.9%
Sofia Electric Back Row, Popcorn Imperial Stout, 12%
Sofia Electric Overflow, NEIPA, 6.7%
Sofia Electric Kisel, Gose, 4%
Sofia Electric Small Steps Giant Leaps, DDH NEIPA, 6%
Sofia Electric 6 Months Behind Schedule, Imperial Stout, 9%
Sofia Electric Spiral, 6.8%
Poppels Tropical IPA, 6.5%
Poppels Imperial NEIPA, DNEIPA, 8.5%
Poppels Imperial Stout, 9.5%
Poppels NEIPA, 7%
Poppels Mango Passion, Sour Fruit Ale, 6%
Poppels Strawberry, Sour Fruit Ale, 4.5%
Horizont Raspberry, Lime & Mint, Fruited Sour, 5.1%
Horizont New Zealand Colt TIPA, Triple IPA, 10%
Liquidium & Beyond Morning, Trix Cereal, 4%
Liquidium & Beyond Lunch, Pizza Beer, 4%
Liquidium & Beyond DInner, Umami Beer, 5%
Liquidium & Beyond Night Cap, 9%
Shevet Groovy Doovy, Fruited Berliner Weisse, 4.5%
Shevet West Coast Cruising, West Coast IPA, 7.3%
Shevet Coffee Bourbon BA Imperial Stout, 11.5%
Brewdog Night Hawk, Coffee Stout, 8.5%
Brewdog Barn Dance, American Barley Wine, 9.5%
Brewdog Butterfly Effect, NZ IPA, 6%
Brewdog The Craft Diaries, DIPA, 8%
Brewdog Overworks Wave Machine, Scottish Sour, 5.5%
Brewdog Black Heart, Dry Stout, 4.1%
Mikkeller Double Vanilla Scoop Shake, Pastry Imperial Stout, 12.5%
Mikkeller SpontanPentadrupelBlueberry, Fruited Sour, 9.6%
Mikkeller Kaerlighed Spring/Summer 2023, Pale Ale, 4.9%
Mikkeller West Coast IPA Warriors, AI-Generated IPA, 5.6%
Mikkeller Baghaven The Time Together, 10.1%
Mikkeller Ich Bin Berliner Blueberry, Fruited Berliner Weisse, 3.7%
Mikkeller Baghaven Pantao 2022, Fruited Sour, 6%
Mikkeller Baghaven Svensbaer 2021, Fruited Sour, 7.7%
Goose Island Sofie, BA Saison, 6.5%
Goose Island Matilda, Wild Ale, 7%
Lindemans Tarot d'Or, Fruit Beer, 8%
Lindemans Tarot Noir, Fruit Beer, 8%
Malka Oatmeal IPA, 6%
Negev Mangolicious, Fruit Beer, 4.5%
Herzel Embargo Shanty Bounty, Coconut Porter, 6%
Siren Jouska, Session NEIPA, 4.7%
Siren Scene Stealer, IPA, 6%
Siren Huntington, IPA, 6.2%
Omnipollo In Plenty Almond Coffee, Pastry Imperial Stout, 12%
Omnipollo Anagram Blueberry Hazelnut Coffee Cheesecake, 12%
Shapira Strong Sour 2023, 7.7%
Shapira Peachy Sour, BA Sour, 6.8%
Shapira Black IPA, 5.8%
Shapira Blueberry Lager, Fruit Lager, 4.9%
Oak & Ash Drink Togezer, Carrot Hazy IPA, 6.5%
Oak & Ash Hop On Pop, NEIPA, 6%
Oak & Ash Roastmy, Coffee Stout, 5.7%
Oak & Ash Stairway To Lemon, Hoppy Hard Lemonade, 5%
Shikma Smokey Brown Ale, 5.1%
Meltzer Double Hazy IPA, 6.3%
Srigim Jamaica, Rum BA Blond, 11.5%
Srigim Pomegranate, Fruit Beer, 5.5%
Hatch No Man's Land, Bragot, 6%
Hatch Hotel California, West Coast IPA, 7.3%
Hatch After The Storm, Cold IPA, 6.4%
Schnitt Freaky Freekeh, Spiced Wheat, 5.3%
Schnitt Dolma Saison, Saison, 6.5%
Schnitt Atraf, Smoothie NEIPA, 6.5%
Goldstar Goldstar Oaked, BA Lager, 6.5%
Goldstar Goldstar Pastry Lager, 6.3%
Maccabee Maccabbi HaPoel Cherry, Fruited Lager, 7.9%
Maccabee Maccabbi-Shapira Gose, 5%
Maccabee (Cask) Maccabbi Wasabi, Spiced Lager, 5%
Maccabee (Cask) Maccabbi Hoppy Pilsner, 5%
Nomads Forest Fire, Chili Rauchbier, 4%
Nomads Shah Of Sunset, Spiced American Light Lager, 3.3%
HaGibor Darkle, Dark Hoppy Ale, 7.4%
HaGibor Flora, Fruited Wheat, 6%
Milk And Honey Belgian Ale Cask, Single malt whisky, 55.1%
Milk And Honey Doppelbock Cask, Single malt whisky, 58.3%
Milk And Honey Barley Wine Cask, Single malt whisky, 55.7%
Milk And Honey Stout Cask, Single malt whisky, 54%