TLV Craft BeerFest: Beer List

This is a general and full list of all the beers that will be poured in the festival
Any beer that is clickable is available to purchase on our website
Pay attention that not all of the beers will be poured in both days, (though most of them will)
We strongly recommend to prioritize according to your personal flavor and start with the beers that you really dont want to miss

Thornbridge Pardus Chocolate Orange, Imperial Stout, 8%
Thornbridge SuperUser, Red IPA, 7%
Thornbridge Quiet Storm Idaho 7, APA, 5.5%
Thornbridge Coco Cocoa, Porter, 5.5%
Thornbridge Early Bird, Non Alcoholic IPA, 0.5%
Oharas Tropical IPA, NEIPA, 7.2%
Oharas (Feat Wild Beer) Shoulder To Shoulder, Red Ale With Coffee, 4.9%
Craigies Cider Rose, Cider 5.8%
Stiegl Ginder, IPA, 5.8%
Stiegl MilchStrasse, Milk Stout 5.2%
Green Gold Hop Dealer, Session IPA, 4.5%
Green Gold Emergency Landing, NEIPA, 5.3%
Green Gold Hop Princess, IPL, 4.2%
Horizont Gentle Bastard, IPA, 6.5%
Horizont Hazy Queen, NEIPA, 6%
Horizont Double Hazy Queen, Double NEIPA, 8%
Horizont Morning Joe, Coffee Stout, 6%
Horizont Rebel Berry, Fruited Sour, 4.5%
Volfas Engelman IPA, 6%
Volfas Engelman American Pale Ale, 5%
Volfas Engelman Baltic Porter, 6%
Volfas Engelman NEIPA, 5%
HaDubim Virgin IPA, 7%
HaDubim VMASH Chinook, Session IPA, 4.3%
Van Steenberg Gulden Draak Imperial Stout, 12%
Van Steenberg Gulden Draak Smoked, 10.5%
Brewdog Vs. Cloudwater Session IPA, 4.5%
Brewdog Vs. Cloudwater Hazy Pale Ale, 3.7%
Hawkes This is Midlands Cider, 6.8%
Brewdog Gun Powder Treason, Sour Stout, 9%
Brewdog Vs. To Ol Sweet Disposition, Sour Saison 4.9%
Brewdog Vs. Cask Rypereiret, Fruited Sour, 6.5%
Brewdog Vs. La Trappe Practice What You Preach, Quadrupel, 10%
Brewdog Arcade Made, Double NEIPA, 8%
Burley Oak Raspberry Crumble J.R.E.A.M, Fruited Sour, 4.8%
Mikkeller Black Bear, Imperial Stout, 10.1%
Mikkeller SpontanKunatsu, Fruit Lambic, 7.7%
Mikkeller SpontanQuadRaspberry, Fruit Lambic 9.9%
Mikkeller San Diego BG Cacao Shake, Imperial Stout, 12.1%
Mikkeller Traeblod Bourbon BA 2021, BA Imperial Stout, 12%
Het J Wit, Belgian Wit, 6.5%
Het J IPA, 6.5%
Het J Zatte Tripel, Belgian Tripel, 8%
Malka Tropical IPA, 5.5%
Negev Oasis Pineapple Chilli, Fruit Beer, 4.2%
Herzel Vaadat Kishoot Idaho 7 DDH IPA, 6.5%
Omnipollo Levon, Belgian Pale Ale, 6.5%
Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar, Double IPA, 8.5%
Omnipollo Maz, American Pale Ale, 5.6%
Omnipollo Bianca Blueberry Pineapple Marshmellow, 6%
Omnipollo Bianca Raspberry Peach Marshmellow, 6%
Siren Picture Puzzle, Red IPA 5.8%
Siren Furthest City Light, Oat Wine, 10.1%
Siren Castillian Lemon & Honey Cheesecake, Sour IPA, 6.2%
Siren Far Above The Moon, IPA, 6.5%
Shapira Strong Sour 2022, 7%
Shapira Oak Chipped IPA, 6.5%
Shapira Matcha Lager, 4.9%
Shapira Dewberry Sour, 6.8%
Beertzinut Arava Organic Pale Ale, 5.5%
Beertzinut Imperial Date Ale, 7%
Srigim Decade Ale, Smoked Beer, 6.1%
Srigim The Owl, Strong Ale, 9.5%
Hatch Berry My Fears, Fruit Beer, 8.4%
Hatch Cherry Me Up, Fruit Beer, 8.4%
Hatch Give Me Hop, Double IPA, 9.4%
Schnitt Atzlananas, Smoothie NEIPA, 5.5%
Schnitt Bar-Yo, Double IPA, 8.4%
Schnitt Resist, Anti Imperial Stout With Beet, 7.5%
Goldstar Black Roast, Schwarzbier, 4.7%
Goldstar Double Brew, Munich Dunkel, 6.2%
Maccabbi Maccabbi Ginger Lime, Spiced Pilsner, 5%
Maccabbi Maccabbi Vs Dubim Chinook, IPL, 6.1%
Maccabbi Maccabbi UK, Pilsner, 3.9%
Maccabbi Maccabbi Hybrid, Pilsner, 7.1%
Nomads Pale Not Poison, Pale Ale With Sumak, 5.8%
Nomads Helle In A Bucket, Brown Ale With Cardamom, 5.1%
Shevet Farm Mama, Witbier, 5.2%
Shevet Rye Or Die IPA, Rye IPA, 6.5%
Shevet Twist And Stout, Imperial Stout, 11%
BeerBazaar Double Hop Hop, Double NEIPA, 7.4%
BeerBazaar Yuzu Not Ouzo, Cider, 6%
Milk And Honey Chocolate Porter Cask, Single malt whisky, 56.2%
Milk And Honey Ex-Islay IPA Cask, Single malt whisky, 53.2%